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With our own construction-, production and assembly department we have a unique opportunity to develop new products. It can either be solutions that we develop together with the customer for a specific task or it can be solutions that arise on the basis of our own idea, aimed at a specific market. Keep the production in-house enables us to be involved all the way from start to finish and ensure the desired quality.

An important parameter for us is always to choose the solution that provides the most value for the customer, and which at the same time contributes to a sustainable solution. It also means that we can come up with proposals that may be a little outside the initial briefing, but which provide great economic and environmental value, and which we feel goes "a step further".

Need help?

If you have a challenge that you need a solution to, we would love to hear from you. Below you can see a selection of our various solutions for waste treatment and recycling.

ReTec Can Baler

Can baler

ReTec Bottle Crusher

Bottle crusher

ReTec Spray Can Perforator

Spray can perforator

ReTec Dewatering Press

Dewatering system

ReTec Mineral Wool Recycler

Mineral Wool Recycler

ReTec Roller Screen

Roller screen

ReTec Mixer


ReTec Security Shredding

Mobile security shredding

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