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ReTec Mixer

The purpose of the ReTec mixer is to mix different materials. For example, it is ideal for mixing horse feed, animal feed and other types of agricultural feed. If sludge is to be mixed with lime to obtain a good end product for spreading in the field, this task can also be done with ease.

The application possibilities are many, and the construction can be designed to suit your specific task.

The mixer is made so that the material is filled in the bottom of the machine, after which it is led to the top of the 2 screws. Due to gravity, the material will continuously be carried down to the lower part of the machine and the mixing will then start all over again. Dosing of the finished mix is done by opening the door under the top of the mixer.

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Kjeld Jensen

Kjeld Jensen


Mail: kje@retec.dk
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Jan F. Pedersen

Jan F. Pedersen

Head of Sales and Marketing

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Tel: +45 8140 0209

Bart Lansink

Bart Lansink

After Sales Service

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Tel: +45 7370 9250

Michael Magnussen

Henrik Thomassen

Head of Service

Mail: service@retec.dk
Tlf.: +45 7456 8106
Dir.: +45 5121 0371

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