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ReTec Roller Screen

ReTec´s roller screen is fitted with eccentric discs for sorting and moving of different materials such as wood chips, waste, glass etc.

The roller screen is working through screening with rotating rolls fitted with eccentric discs. The rolls as well as the eccentric discs moves the material and thus begins the screening. 

The accuracy and capacity of the screen can be adjusted by changing the pitch of the screen.
The inclination of the screen can range from 0 ° - 25 °.

The roller screen is self-cleaning due to the rotation in the eccentric discs, so that no material will block the further operation.

The screens are made for sorting of various material and can be adjusted for every customer.

The roller screen makes it easy to further process the screened material.


Download brochure about the ReTec roller screen


Here you can see the roller screen screening MSW:

Here you can see the roller screen screening wood chips:

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