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ReTec Mineral Wool Recycler

The ReTec mineral-wool recycler is designed to purify and reduce recycled mineral wool waste. The clean recycled mineral wool can be used in the production of new mineral wool or as additive to the ceramic industry.

With the ReTec Mineral wool recycler you get a reliable machine whose purpose is to reduce the volume of mineral wool and sorting impurites from it, readying it for recycling. Used insolation material from e.g. landfills, industrial waste, new construction or from demolition insulation, which in addition to the mineral wool can contain smaller stones and pieces of wood as well as nails and screws, can be cleaned and compressed. 

Highlights of the mineral wool recycler:

  • Service friendly
  • Movable
  • Separated output
  • Interchangeable screens
  • Intuitiv interface
  • Easy adaptation / optimization of the output via a digital control panel
  • Easy visual monitoring of vital components
  • Electrical monitoring of conveyor belts

The mineral wool recycler sorts in three fractions

Fraction 1: End product. Depending on the screen size (for instance 10 mm/ 20 mm) or desired end product, a fine final product is obtained. This can be re-used in the production of new insolation material.
Fraction 2: Reject. Consisting of rubble, wood-, stone and plastic waste, which might require additional sorting before any further recycling.
Fraction 3: Iron (Fe). Nails, screws, small fittings etc. 

Volume reduction is: approx. 20:1
The standard machine has a capacity of 5 t/h (screen 10 mm) but can also be constructed to handle up to 15 t/h, depending on the purity of the infeed material.

Briefly about mineral wool:
Mineral wool is a common term for insulation materials which are either stone wool or glass wool. When the materials are compressed the glass wool will simply reduce in volume where as the stone wool can become the finest powder. The stone wool powder can then be recycled for the production of new stone wool as well as other purposes.


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Recycling instead of landfill 

ReTec Mineral wool Recycler

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