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ReTec Mobile Security Shredding System

ReTec developed and built the first mobile security shredding system in 2000. Since then we have built several mobile security shredding plants. The plants can be built in many ways and custom built according to the customers’ requirements. The plants are built with a capacity up to 1500 kg/h.

Mobil security shredding system in 4 models

In 2009 we developed and built the first mobile security shredding plant on a citytrailer. Our mobile security shredding plants is built in 4 models: MAK II FL (FL = the system is built on a truck), MAK III CT (CT = the system is built on a city-trailer with turning rear axle), MAK III FL and MAK III CT.

The pictures show some of our mobile security shredding plants built from the year 2000 to the present.

Why use mobile security shredding?

Companies often have sensitive data about their employees and customer, but also in the form of accounts, price lists, projects, collaboration interviews and other sensitive information.

It is all data that is important to the company and which requires a secure treatment so that a third party does not gain insight into the situation.

With a mobile security shredding system, you are assured a safe destruction of paper, ring binders, USB keys, CDs and hard drivers.

Mobile security shredding of paper and ring binders

Paper is divided into safety level P4 according to DIN norm 66399, and then 2 screws ensure that it is mixed with the other divided paper.

This ensures that your confidential information is no longer recognizable.

USB keys, CDs and hard drivers.

ReTec has developed a small hard drive shredder for its mobile security shredding plants, which can be integrated into the trailer if the customer wants it.

The hard drive shredder is especially suitable for shredding hard drivers, USB keys, CDs, etc. A hard drive can store many years of confidential information which can have fatal consequences if they get into the wrong hands. Without the necessary insight, one cannot always trust that a formatting or deleting of documents is enough. The system can shred hard drives, so you are sure that no data can be extracted anymore.

Stationary hard drive shredder

The hard drive shredder can also be supplied as a stationary version that is well-suited for recycling stations. Here, the individual citizen will see for themselves how the hard drive or phone is divided into unfamiliarity and cannot be reassembled.

If you are interested in the solution, please feel free to contact us.

VIDEO: Click on the picture and see how easily the destruction of the hard drive happens

Hard drive destruction


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ReTec delivers Mobile Security Shredding System for Dansk Sikkerheds Makulering

ReTec mobile security shredding systems in action

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