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Dewatering system

Do you have large quantities of packaged content, such as last expiration date, or did you have an error in the production which has had influence on the product, which means that it just must be destroyed - and think, in which way do I easily sort packaging and content - then do not worry.

Liquid in PET bottles or cartons can be effectively emptied with the ReTec dewatering screw. 

ReTec Dewatering Screw

ReTec Dewatering Press empties and drains easy content from plastic bottles or ex. juice cartons. The process is relatively simple. Contents - filled packaging - is filled in the hopper and then pressed, whereby the contents are drained and collected under the machine. Empty packaging is carried out sliding, ready for further processing. 

The dewatering press system is designed with automatic stop so that the machine stops running when the auger is empty. This is a great advantage - you do not need to keep an eye on the highly reliable machine - and you can continue your work elsewhere.

Capacity depends on input and is up to 10 m3/hour.

The system can be designed exactly to your needs. 

See a demo of emptying leight weight packaging of yoghurt and juice 


Read what experiences a brewery in Denmark has made with the system:
Case: Bryggeriet Vestfyen efficiently empties PET bottles for content 


Here is some information about ReTec Dewatering Screw - RAP 400


The machine, where it efficiently empties PET bottles for content

The machine empties yoghurt from plastic buckets and juice cartons

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