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Pre-treatment plant for organic waste and food waste

ReTec has extensive experience in building pre-treatment plants for organic waste / food waste as turn-key solutions all over Scandinavia.

All plants are adapted to the customer's needs and wishes, but often contain a buffer tank for household waste /organic waste, a screw conveyor, the heart of the plant - a SMIMO bio-separator, slurry pumps, conveyor belts for reject, automation, installation, commissioning and training.

Focus on food waste

We encounter sorting on a daily basis. In our private households, there has been an extra focus on reducing food waste, but it probably cannot be completely avoided that there will be a small need in the household to get rid of various biological residues. Therefore, it is now common to collect the remains from the preparation of food. The advantage of separating food waste is that the other waste remains cleaner and drier and can therefore be recycled more easily.

What happens to the organic waste?

Pretreament plant food waste - ReTec

From food waste to biogas
Gradually, it has been adopted in most municipalities that households must sort their food waste from the rest of the waste. This will mainly be done by source-sorted organic daily waste being collected in green plastic bags, where it is ideal that the cucumber is freed from the plastic and the same with the rest of the tuna salad, which has exceeded the expiration date. The green bag comes through a bio-separator, where the plastic is sorted out, and where the pulp will be readied for further treatment in the biogas plant.

The organic waste can also come from for instance super markets, restaurants, food production facilities or animal feed manufacturers.

SMIMO bioseparator

The Dutch company SMICON manufactures highly-reliable bio-separators used for organic waste. The machine separates the waste and at the same time the packaging is sorted. In this way, the user obtains a clean biomass without packaging etc.

Today Smicon supplies machines to a number of different industries, including the food industry, where Smicon's machines are part of recycling residual products.

Some of the advantages of Smimo bio-separators:

  • Suitable for packaged and unpackaged foodstuffs
  • Fully automatic
  • Use less power consumption per m3
  • High capacity up to 14 tph
  • Are able to handle larger products
  • Low sound levels
  • Deliver a good final product according to SPCR120 with minimal content of residual packaging
  • Easy to fit into existing plants due to the machine´s small footprint


Improving the after-treatment of plastics

Smicons has produced a new screw press SP600. As the first machine, it can post-separate moisture and liquid from the plastic packaging in the Smimo 120 and Smimo 160 plants. This results in an even easier packaging flow and a saving of up to 50% in disposal costs. In addition, a higher degree of organic material is used. With the diameter of the screw press of 600 mm and stainless steel design, it can handle a capacity of up to 30 m3/hour.

Read more about the SP600 screw press here.


More information

Download brochure about pre-treatment plant for food waste here

Download brochure about SMIMO50, which can switch between grinding food waste and separating packaging from organic waste

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Smicon SMIMO 120 bioseparator - Processing different materials.

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