Reusing mineral wool - ReTec

Mineral wool is being refined for further use at RGS Nordic

Since 2013 RGS 90 A/S has been compressing mineral wool for further recycling. This is done with the ReTec Mineral wool recycler. When the employees are at work, the machine runs constantly. “It just works and we are happy” Jens Rasmussen, department manager at RGS 90, Kolding, tells us.

ReTec Mineral wool recycler

The mixed mineral wool is filled into the hopper and then volume reduced in the pressing chamber. The screen loosens the material where plastics and other material larger than 20 mm are separated from the mineral wool.

The rest of the final output it transported on a conveyor belt with a magnetic trommel that separates screws and nails from the clean output sized 0-20 mm.

The throughput can vary depending on the amount of inerts – the cleaner, the better.

The machine har almost been sorting 1500 tons without a break. That means that it is time for a service inspection. Here they are a little bit excited to see how it looks in regards to wear and tear.

The machine is situated in an enclosed hall which is pretty important. If it stood outside, it would be nearly impossible to maintain control of the sorted material as it could easily blow away.


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