Bale opener in Latvia

ReTec Bale-opener being installed for SRF-line at Cemex Latvia

When Cemex Latvia wanted to increase their AF substitution rate, they went looking for bales. Good quality, high calorific SRF is available in bales on the international market. In this case the source is UK. Cemex Latvia plant is located only 100KM from the local port of Liepaja, so logistics is straightforward with bales being shipped as cargo with 2.000-3.000 tons per ship.

The challenge

Once at the plant the bales are stored in a large roofed hall, where the debaling and handling is also done. Cemex Latvia feed approximately 20 tph through their AF system to the pre-calciner. The bales are mostly tied in plasticnet and always wrapped in several layers of wrapping. The challenge was multitude:

1. SRF must be fed continuously meaning the flow must be continuous and homogenous. I.e. the bale must be loosend completely.
2. Wrapping, netting and wires larger than 50 mm must be removed.
3. Capacity to be minimum 20 tph.
4. A solution that is single to operate and very reliable.

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