ReTec Bale Opener

About ReTec Bale Opener

The ReTec bale opener can open bales of various types of material. Both wired bales and plastic wrapped bales can be debaled with the ReTec bale opener. The machine is provided with a conveyor belt which transports the bales to the drum. The drum is fitted with teeth which loosens the bales. The loosened material will be transported out of the machine in its original form ready to further process.

The debaler can come as a stationary unit or a semi-mobile unit fitted with transport wheels in order to be moved over short distance on-site.
Due to our engineering department, ReTec is able to provide a turn-key-solution fitted to the customer’s needs.
Please read our cases below about the ReTec debaling system for SRF bales for the cement industry and get inspired by the videos where the debaler opens RDF bales on at plant where they make waste to energy. 


The ReTec bale opener opens bales of various materials:
– RDF / SRF bales
– Straw bales
– PET / Plastic bales
– Recovered paper / cardboard bales


The capacity of the ReTec bale-opener depends on the density and size of the bales. Our experience tells us that the capacity is up to 80 bales/h.

Type and size of bales

Round bales  
Diameter: 1400 mm
Height: 1300 mm
Rectangular bales  
Length: 1750 mm
Height: 1300 mm 
Width:  1400 mm 


Download brochure about ReTec bale-opener

Download brochure about ReTec bale-opener (Turn-key system)


Aalborg Portland: ReTec bale opener being installed for SRF line
Read the case: Aalborg Portland

Cemex Latvia Broceni Plant: ReTec bale opener being installed for SRF line
Read the case: Cemex Latvia

Spreerecycling: ReTec bale opener being installed for RDF line
Read the case: Spreerecycling

IKW Rüdersdorf: ReTec bale opener being installed for RDF line
Read the case: IKW Rüdersdorf 

LaFarge Holcim - Volos: ReTec bale opener installed for zero-waste solution
Read the case: LaFarge Holcim - Volos (EN)  


The bale-opener opens SRF-bales at Aalborg Portland, Denmark.

The bale-opener opens SRF-bales.

The bale-opener opens paper and cardboard bales.

The bale-opener opens RDF-bales.

Waste-to-energy - the bale opener opens RDF-bales:

ReTec bale opener opens RDF-bales with massive 80 t/h:

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