Dewatering system empties PET bottles

Bryggeriet Vestfyen effectively empties PET bottles for content

Back in 2015, the danish brewery, Bryggeriet Vestfyen, invested in a dewatering system from ReTec Miljø ApS. They would find an effective method of emptying PET bottles with defective content. The machine is running trouble free.

Dewatering system from ReTec Miljø ApS

- The machine operates on daily basis. In the production we have 7 containers and it is my job to empty these, when there is a need. This means that during an 8-hours shift, I may empty 4-5 containers with 2 liter bottles and if it is ½ liter bottles, I just empty the containers 2 times. We should definitely avoid using the machine, because then the production is running optimally, says Finn Madsen, employee at Bryggeriet Vestfyen.

- However, when we are using the dewatering system it is very effective. During the period, where we have had the machine, we have not had any problems. The dewatering system has worked perfectly so far and is very reliable. I’m really satisfied with the automatic stop, where the machine stops when there is no pressure on the auger. This means that I can simply tip the contents of the container and continue my work elsewhere, a happy and satisfied Finn Madsen ends.

The process is simple and the machine runs quietly.


Download the case as pdf: Dewatering system at Bryggeriet Vestfyen

Futher information about: ReTec Dewatering System

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