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ReTec Glass Bottle Crusher

With at glass bottle crusher is becomes easier to handle larger amounts of bottles made of glass. The glass bottle crusher crushes bottles of glass, reducing volume and enabling you to save space. However that is not the only reason for using a bottle crusher; You can use it in the recycling industry. When you reuse glass you must have the glass in small fractions to ensure the best sorting possible.

With the ReTec glass bottle crusher you get a simple and reliable glass crusher of high quality. The glass bottle crusher can be constructed in several different versions, for instance a version with a fixed mill and another version with both a fixed and a moveable mill. The moveable mill ensures that foreign objects can pass through without destroying the bottle crusher. All versions have in common that they provide an effective and economical solution for crushing and compressing glass. 

The standard glass bottle crusher from ReTec comes with a hopper installed on the top of the machine and has a capacity of approx. 8-12 m3/h and a volume reduction of 3:1.

It is also possible to add a bin lifter (fitting bins in the range of 100 to 600 litres), that enables to feed the crusher in a different way than manual infeed or through a conveyor belt.

In case you might need a higher capacity, different build-up or anything else, we are specialists in customizing our machines to fit the customers need. In the menu you will find pictures of solutions where a ReTec glass bottle crusher is installed.


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The machine, where it efficiently crushes glass bottles

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