EPS presse

EPS Presse

Transport of air - no thanks. EPS (expanded polystyrene) now known as Airpop (engineered air) has a very large volume but a very low density as the airpop consists of 98 % air. Often, a filled container from a recycling station, will only weigh up to max. 150 kg. Thus, there is a great expense of having to drive the material for further threatment, and too often another solution is chosen where otherwise relatively clean material - which has only been used to protect, for example, a television during transport - could have been recycled. 

Thanks to ReTec's efficient EPS press, you can both save money on transport while helping reduce CO2 emissions by reducing volume.

ReTec EPS Press

ReTec's EPS press reduces volume efficiently. The compressed material comes out of the press channel in block form and can be cut to fit the length of a EUR pallet, which makes it easy to store. The pressing system is ideal for recycling sites and companies that have a larger volume of airpop ex. packaging as well as food and fish boxes.

The machine is very simple to use and can be used for all densities of airpop.
The volume is reduced up to 50:1

Technical data

Here is some information about ReTec EPS Presse - REP 200

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