ReTec can baler

ReTec Can Baler

The Can Baler from ReTec can be used to make aluminium and plastic bales. The bales are perfect for stacking on EURO-pallets and at the same time as the volume is reduced, they also easier to handle.

The aluminum cans are passed through the hopper to the box, after which the cans are pressed together by the hydraulic press. When the cans are pressed together, the damper opens and the aluminium bale is pushed out of the machine.

Aluminum bales have a size of approx. 300 x 300 x 300 mm and a weight of approx. 16 kg. The can baler can compress approx. 30 bales per hour, which gives about 500 kg of pressed aluminium cans per hour. 

 Technical data

Input opening: 500 x 280 mm
Dimensions: 4500 x 2200 x 1200 (L x H x W)
Power: Approx. 30 kW
Oil capacity: 600 l
Pressure: Up to 550 N/cm2
Bale dimension: 300 x 300 x 300, perfect size for packing on EURO pallet

approx. 500 kg/h, 
approx. 30 bales of 16 kg


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