Dec. 2020: To you from us; Impressions from our commissionings

ReTec´s DNA

Who are we?

Besides machines from quality suppliers abroad we also sell our own solutions. The bale opener, mineralwool recycler, mobile security shredding unit, gypsum plant, roller screen and bottle crusher are examples of our product range, as you can also see further down below.

Typically, the solution arises through dialog with the customer to ensure a match to the customer´s needs, expectations and budget, or they arise based on our own idea, targeting a specific market.

Hence a key parameter for us is always to choose the solution that provides most value for the customer and at the same time contributes the most to a durable and sustainable solution.

The starting point for the solution always begins in construction, production and assembly at our headquarter in Haderslev.

Join us for a quick video tour at our headquarter.


Some commissionings from this year

The year 2020 has been an unusual one. Nevertheless, we are happy to share some of our deliveries with you during an extraordinary year, illustrated in pictures. 

Here you can see our pre-crusher screw in action, recently installed at a gypsum plant in Sweden:

ReTec pre-crusher

A yellow bale opener, departing for Germany early in the morning. More information on the bale opener here.

Bale opener - ReTec

One of several mobile security shredding units on its way to a customer in Germany. See more here.

ReTec Mobile security shredding unit

A bale opener i collaboration with a trommelscreen and shredding unit for a zero waste plant in Greece:

ReTec Bale opener, trommel screen and shredder

A new bale opener went to France to be installed at a SRF-line at a cement plant:

Bale opener in France

The mineral wool recycler separating mineral wool from e.g. C&I and C&D into 3 fractions, delivered in Finland:

Video of ReTec Mineral wool recycler


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