Bale opener

Dec. 2019: Operational reliability - recycling instead of landfill - security shredding

ReTec bale Opener

Have you read the case about the ReTec Bale opener?

Until today we have installed the bale opener in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Letvia, and Greece. As we started to debale bales for our customers it was for the cement industry and the supply industry where we open RDF or SRF bales.

Today we can open almost any kinds of bales for example cardboard, plastic and mixed plastic.  

Here you can read about the bale opener in Denmark, where the customer is very satisfied with the machine:

Aalborg Portland achieves higher efficiency and operational reliability by ReTec Bale-opener

ReTec Bale opener

ReTec Gypsum Recycling Systems

Gypsum recycling instead of landfill.
We have years of expirence in designing and building plants. Please get in touch with us, if you want to know more. 

Here you can read about the latest plant built in England. 
Less coal - more recycling

ReTec Gypsum recycling

ReTec Mobile Security Shredding

ReTec built the first mobile shredding solution for paper, ring binders, hard drives, credit cards and CD’s/DVD’s in 2000.

Now we have up-dated the solution with a separate hard drive shredder.  

Video: ReTec HD Shredder

Merry Christmas

ReTec wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. 

ReTec Jul

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