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Gypsum recycling

In 2008 ReTec installed its first gypsum recycling system. Ever since we have developed, improved and optimized the system, ensuring reliable plants that live up to today´s standards. In a gypsum recycling system the gypsum is crushed and sorted in order to remove the impurities. Afterwards you are left with gypsum powder, a raw material that is 100 % reuseable and ready to enter into the production of new plasterboards.

ReTec gypsum plant

ReTec can deliever customized and dependable gypsym plants for shredding of recycled gypsum.

The founding pillars in our gypsum recycling plant is our gypsum mill that grinds the gypsum of the paper and our sieve that subsequently refines the gypsum. The gypsum recycling mill developed by ReTec has the purpose to prepare gypsum e.g. from old plasterboards for new gypsum production. The mill ensures a very high degree of separation between paper and gypsum; the two fractions: One paper fraction that largely is free of gypsum and a fraction consisting of gypsum that, depending on the input material, consists of mainly pure gypsum. The plant can be constructed to handle both recycled gypsum as well as gypsum from production waste.The capacity of the gypsum mill is ca. 10-15 t/h.

A gypsum recycling system often consists of a certain number of components. Everything depends on the customer’s needs and wishes for the quality of the final result, but typical a plant will have plasterboard recycling mills and sieves. The plant can also consist of transport augers, conveyor belts and magnet separator.

Capacity of the plant

Input: Gypsum/plasterboard construction waste
Capacity: Up to 30 t/h
Purity: Up to 99 % pure gypsum
Output: Recyclable gypsum powder


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